Yo! CEGians

CEGians have been a pillar of Ninjacart from day 0. CEGians gave up more than life (sometimes girlfriends too) for ninjacart. Did everything that mattered— From pasting posters on the streets, sleeping in the market, sales, marketing, procurement, logistics, operations to building world class products and everything and anything between them.

We are looking for next set of CEGians to be part of Ninjacart, as we enter the hyper growth stage. If you are the one, who is restless to do something meaningful in life, willing to learn 10 years worth of experience in 3years, dreaming to startup someday, grow faster than your aspirations, find happiness in changing farmer’s lives or making our food more safer, then read on.

Below are some of many CEGians, who dared to think beyond normal and created history at ninjacart

Fist bump me at venkateshan.d@ninjacart.com

Venki | Lover boy
2015 — Industrial
I joined as some random guy, now Mr.CEO calls me as Mr.Fixit”

Fist bump me at ganas@ninjacart.com

Ganas| k! stud
2014— CSE
Product Guy @ ninjacart

Fist bump me at anto@ninjacart.com

Anto| Grewal Hater
2014 — CSE
Head of Category Management

Fist bump me at dineshkumar.g@ninjacart.com

Dinesh| Sports boy
2015 — Industrial
Nerve Centre Lead

Fist bump me at manikandan.m@ninjacart.com

Mani| The Rowdy boy
2015 — ECE
Nerve Centre Lead

Fist bump me at naveena.raja@ninjacart.com

Naveena| Hospi Girl
2012 — ECE
Head of Supply chain

Fist bump me at rajkumar.vishwanathan@ninjacart.com

Rajkumar| Pandu boy
 2012 — CSE
Head of Sales

Fist bump me at sanjai.s@ninjacart.com

Sanjay| Stoned Monkey
2016 — Mech
Everything guy. Worked in all the departments in Ninjacart

Fist bump me at cibi.u@ninjacart.com

Sibi| Techofes boy
2017 — Mech
Rising star. Leading sales for a Zone

Fist bump me at vignesh.kn@ninjacart.com

Vicky| Cricket Genius
2015 — ECE
Procurement mastermind.

Fist bump me at KK@ninjacart.com

KK| k! stud
2012 — CSE
Co-founder, Head of Bangalore Business

Fist bump me at thiru@ninjacart.com

Thiru| The Rowdyboy
2006 — EEE
Co-Founder. Captain of the Ship

Fist bump me at aravinth.pk@ninjacart.com

PK| Pandu boy
20157 — Mech
Product guy

Fist bump me at aravindgg55@ninjacart.com

AG| Lover boy
2017 — CSE
Techie. Android Tiger

Fist bump me at gowtham.ra@ninjacart.com

Gowtham| Sports boy
2015 — Civil
Products guy

Fist bump me at harish@ninjacart.com

Harish| Pandu boy
2012 — CSE
Head of Tech & Products

Fist bump me at vasanth@ninjacart.com

Vasanth| Cricket Genius
2015 — ECE
Cluster Manager — DC operations

Fist bump me at chandran@ninjacart.com

Chandran| Spartan
2016 — Agri
Cluster Manager — DC operations

Fist bump me at saravanan.r@ninjacart.com

Saravanan| Pandu boy
2012 — ECE
Head of logistics

Fist bump me at madhan@ninjacart.com

Madhan|The Rowdy boy
2015 — Mech
Hustler. New market expansion team

Fist bump me at ajith@ninjacart.com

Ajith| Stoned Monkey
2015 — Bio-Medical
Direct farmer procurement

Fist bump me at lakshmanan.m@ninjacart.com

Lakshman| Grewal Hater
2016 — Mech

Fist bump me at prabakaran.s@ninjacart.com

Prabha| Lover Boy
2015 — ECE
Analytics coupled with Tech

Sujth| Dancer
2015 — ECE
Nerver Centre Lead

Guru| Robotics Freek
2015 — ECE
Logistics and Category team

Be the next CEG-All-star at Ninjacart. If you are longing to work crazily, solve hard problems, change real lives and have crazy fun doing all this, then let us know. We would love to know more about you and get you onboard.

Register here : https://goo.gl/forms/FnhLAD0eNVBDcr9x1

We believe great culture is not laughing at the same joke or smoking together or having foosball table at office. Great culture is where you can collaborate across teams in positive environment to achieve incredible things that pushes the organisation and yourself forward. everyday.

Below things sums up the culture at ninjacart.

  • Aspiration and Ownership above everything
  • Everyone sweeps the floor
  • Deep hustle
  • Find results not reasons
  • Treat everyone the way you like to be treated