Clutter Vs. You

When we say clutter, it basically means — mess.

And mess could ruin an image or perhaps express an image from an artist’s perspective. Well, that’s it. It probably ruins you or it’s just you just expressing your thoughts.

Thoughts are often messy and random. People who do lists, clean their stuff at home or the so called organized people tend to have the least messy thoughts for they are goal-oriented. But the thing is, even organized people can never run away from clutter.

Clutter is not just necessarily described as your room, your bed, your desk or your hair. Your thoughts can be considered as one and probably the root of all your other cluttered stuff.

How does clutter in your head happen anyway?

Like your work desk, your attention gets too stretched out. You want to place things near you so you won’t forget. You want to be able to reach things so you won’t tire yourself but then there’s a whole lot of things going on and your attention gets too worked up — causing stress.

Like your bed, you are very much tempted to go and pee for the morning. You were so tempted that you reminded yourself you’d get back to it as soon as you’re done peeing. Some people are even distracted and forget to make up their bed!

Like your bad hair day, often you wouldn’t understand why your hair ended up that way. Probably with the wax you applied yesterday? Probably you were too snuggled last night to bed? Probably you didn’t comb it that well?

Like your notebook, your ideas and your way of composition identifies you. Often people would stare at your notes and ponder how messy it is — but the truth is, you understand it better the way it is cluttered.

Clutter in your head, like your work desk, is where you’re tempted to pay attention to things one at a time but then your brain counterattacks you with another which would lead to destroy your attention span. Once your head crosses the line “I don’t know what to do first”, then that’s it.

Clutter in your head, like your bed, is where you’re trying to think over a serious matter and then thinking back to other things that matter which you left in clutter — causing you to think that you left another serious matter in clutter. Thus they become all clutter.

Clutter in your head, like your hair on a bad hair day, is often where you wouldn’t understand why you’re frustrated and why it feels like you have a cluttered mind. Some days it’s just you wondering why you feel like a mess when you’re actually not.

Clutter in your head, like your notebook, is where you get to understand more things as you progress yourself through this clutter. Some people can never understand your way of thinking and your way of understanding things. This is your way. And a little bit of clutter in your head is the only solution for you to understand and appreciate more things.

What matters is that clutter is fine. Clutter is normal. Often it takes clutter to be successful.

So if you’re experiencing cluttered thoughts, it’s just your head looking for answers and you can never find the answer without getting through your thoughts.


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