New Kunoichi VR Adventure Game Forbidden Ninja Scroll Announced

2 min readMar 1, 2022

ImagineVR teams up with Portalgraph, starting Patreon in Spring 2022

LOS ANGELES — March 2, 2022 — ImagineVR Inc., a publisher and distributor of VR games today announced a new title — Forbidden Ninja Scroll: Kunoichi Training which is being developed in collaboration with Japanese game developer Portalgraph.

Announcement Trailer:

Forbidden Ninja Scroll is a Kunoichi (Female Ninja) adventure game. Users play as Hachiro — the son of the leader of the Iizuna school of Ninja, and candidate to become the next master. One day, Hachiro meets Kunoichi deep in the mountains, where he undergoes trials to become the Tengu — the head of the Kunoichi harem.

The game will have two parts: a story-driven adventure and simulation-based ‘mini-games’ where a player will interact with Kunoichi in VR.

ImagineVR is expanding its publishing services, including close collaborations with indie developers. ImagineVR offers these developers development, global marketing, and community management support, including experiments with community-based web3 blockchain technology

ImagineVR has also partnered with DLsite, one of Japan’s largest indie works store platforms with over 7 million registered users, to accelerate the game’s global outreach, especially in Asia.

The Forbidden Ninja Scroll: Kunoichi Training official website is now open.

Users can pre-join our Discord server and receive special content at the launch of the Patreon campaign.

Forbidden Ninja Scroll’s Official Website:

Official Discord:


Title: Forbidden Ninja Scroll: Kunoichi Training

Genre: VR Adventure

Compatible devices (tentative):

PC, Oculus Quest 2 (VR) / PC (Non-VR) *more to be announced

Supported languages (planned):

Interface: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, German, French

Full audio: Japanese, English

Subtitles: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, German, French, Spanish

Release date: TBD *Patreon will start in spring 2022

About ImagineVR Inc.

ImagineVR is a virtual reality content platform ( In cooperation with Japan’s largest indie game online store, DLsite, ImagineVR offers comprehensive support to creators of all types, to distribute their content within Japan, and throughout the world.

About Portalgraph

Portalgraph is the creator of “Let’s Play with Nanai!”, an interactive VR simulator which received a lot of attention in Japan and at overseas conventions such as Anime Expo.

The company has released a variety of innovative software, including VR projector, VR game, and VR game engine. Reality Inventor.

About DLsite:

DLsite is one of the largest indie content download services in Japan with over 7 million users, distributing over 440,000 works by over 54,000 creators to the world.

In recent years, the service has been attracting attention from Europe, the United States, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia as well as from overseas users.