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If you are just getting into self-publishing iMessage stickers, here’s a cheat sheet that I use to improve my workflow. You can also check out my tutorial on how to create your own iMessage stickers here.

Required Artwork Sizes

1. App icon sizes

  1. App store — 1024 x 1024 px
  2. iPhone-settings-29pt@2x — 58 x 58 px
  3. iPhone-Settings-29pt@3x — 87 x 87 px
  4. Messages-iPhone-60x45pt@2x — 120 x 90 px
  5. Messages-iPhone-60x45pt@3x — 180 x 135 px
  6. Messages-iPad-67x50pt@2x — 134 x 100 px
  7. Messages-iPad-Pro-74x55pt@2x — 148 x 110 px
  8. iPad-Settings-29pt@2x — 58 x 58 px
  9. Messages27x20pt@2x — 54 x 40 px
  10. Messages27x20pt@3x —…

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Writing this post so you won’t have the same issues as I did when I was trying to publish Dim and Sum :) Check them out here —

This is a continuation from my previous post, you can find part 1 here which talks about my process for preparing my stickers for the iMessage App store– you can check out my stickers here. The second part will focus more on setting up and publishing the app. I’ve also made a cheat sheet for all the things you need to make it easier, check it here ;)

4. Join the Apple Developer’s Program

Assuming you are not a part of the program yet, you will have to register for one to be able to distribute apps on the App Store. It costs USD99 per year…

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Dim and Sum —

Note: This is a 2-part post, you can find Part 2 here.

When Apple announced iOS 10, I was excited about the stickers on iMessage. Being a heavy iMessage user, when emojis weren’t enough to convey my thoughts, I would make a doodle, take a photo, and send it to the other person (what is a phone call anyway?).

I loved the idea of seeing some of my artwork being used in daily chat conversations and decided to give this a go. Here I’m going to share my process from paper sketches to having the Dim and Sum stickers published…


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