When discussing Star Wars with other people, they will often say they are fans, or even really big fans of Star Wars. And I always believe them. This galaxy is extensive and so is the fan base. I just think there are different types of fans within that fan base. I propose this as a beginning of a way to identify those types based on the amount of Star Wars knowledge they have accumulated, which is a measurable variable.

The categories I present are meant to be universal, based on my observations of fan culture and personal experience as a fan. The beliefs and behaviors, in italics, are included to illustrate the category. They reflect my own journey and development of beliefs as my Star Wars knowledge expanded¹. …

It’s still ADHD Awareness month I think. In order to spread awareness, I thought I’d get vulnerable and share a struggle I’m currently going through. I take medication that is a controlled substance. This means I have to pick up a paper prescription, deliver it personally, showing my ID to the pharmacy and once it is filled, pick it up personally, ID in hand. …

I have been avoiding my Timehop app for the last month or so. I know what I was doing a year ago. I have been reliving the weeks over and over again all year. …


Nina Miller

I perform improv and I design things. I'm a J away from being an invisible assasin. Don’t be a sleemo.

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