5 Years Later || DAZED (3)

A Meng and Tisoy fanfic

It had been far too long since Maine remembered what it looked like to see RJ laugh. It had been far too long for many things, she realized, as she sat on the pale green recliner to the side of his hospital bed.

With every day that passed, Maine felt her heart break a little bit more as RJ remained in a coma, her thoughts sometimes bordering on manic everytime she recalled the dream she had of him lying lifeless on a cold metal bed. She would sit on the edge of her chair during every checkup, peering at the nurses and doctors with hopeful eyes that begged them, silently, to give her good news, to tell her that they’ll be expecting him to wake up anytime soon. Yet, with every sickening churn of her stomach, with every needle that was stuck in him, with every furrowed brow and note written on her husband’s chart, Maine felt like he was slipping away.

She shifted in her chair, hearing the all too familiar sound of leather rubbing together under her weight and peeked through the edges of her laptop to check up on her husband. He’s still there, she thought to herself. Still not awake. Her eyes scanned his body, his chest rising and falling on its own since the night they pulled the tube of the respirator from his mouth. The images of her lighting up when she heard him gag flashed before her. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Faulkerson, that was just his gag reflex,” the doctor from her first night in the hospital said. To which she replied “Ah, ganun ba. Thank you. Magigising ba siya?” Maine remembered how the doctor avoided her gaze briefly before he answered, “We’re crossing our fingers.”

That night, a nurse, whose name she had already forgotten, commented on her appearance, telling her that she needed to sleep. Maine answered her with a dry chuckle and a nod as she stared at her husband — the only person she would be happy for and speak to.

The person who couldn’t talk back.

The person who couldn’t hear.

The only person whose eyes she wanted desperately to see.

Letting out a sigh, Maine’s tired and red eyes glanced to the paused frame in her laptop screen. Serendipity, it read, in pink and spaced out letters. She hit play, let the movie run and quoted every line she knew by heart. Memories would flash before her eyes, a slideshow of pictures, it seemed, of her and RJ lounging on their couch, RJ coming in with a bowl of freshly made popcorn while she sets the movie up on their TV, RJ taking the remote from the coffee table and pausing the movie because he wanted to kiss her — properly.

She shut her laptop closed and lifted her eyes to look at him, willing the pictures in her head to stop, if only for a moment just so that she can catch her breath. She rose from the chair and felt her knees give out under her, her tears rolling down her face quietly as she wrapped an arm around her waist to keep herself from crumbling.

“Tanghali na, mahal. Gising na,” she said to him lowly as she walked towards the side of his bed and clutched on to the rails. “We might be late for our shoot sige ka.” Nothing. “RJ, knock knock?” she asked after a minute, her voice shaking. “Game. Maganda yung joke. Sabihin mo lang who’s there?”

The constant beeping of the monitor replied to her.

“Mahal, sabihin mo lang who’s there,” she said as she combed the hairs that matted on his forehead lovingly. “Please?” Leaning down, she pushed her lips against his warm forehead, tears trickling down the side of her face.

Stepping back, she took him in for a brief moment before heading to the bathroom. She moved to the sink and washed her hands, her shoulders bowed forward as she sulked. She lifted her eyes and stared back at someone she barely even recognized in the mirror. They both wore the same tattered white shirt, his shirt, but hers was hanging more loosely from the curve of her shoulders. All color had gone from her face and left behind a dull canvas filled in with blacks and whites. Heavy bags dropped down from her eyes that were covered by strands of hair strewn all about her face , and both Maine and the stranger lifted their hands to tuck the lose pieces of hair behind their ears.


The high pitched sound of the heart monitor in the other room flatlining caused Maine to gasp, her heart nearly stopping at the sound. She rushed to the bathroom door immediately, grabbing the handle and throwing it open with a loud bang as tiles broke and scattered all across the floor.


Looking at the man on the bed, her heart nearly stopped when she saw him moving, his brows furrowed together, his eyes heavy, his movements sluggish.

“RJ!” She gasped when RJ turned to pull the IV from his wrist and rushed towards him. “Huy! Don’t! Stop!” She said firmly as he tried to fight her. She pushed his hand to the side but he was quick to move it to something else, wanting to pull anything and everything that was attached to him off.

“Shit, RJ!” She fought with him for a good moment, countering his actions as he spoke to her incoherently. Leaning over him she grabbed the small heart monitor and took his left hand, placing the small gray clip back onto his finger, her worried eyes on him the entire time and seeing the fear that crossed his face and the confusion in his glossy eyes.

Leaning down she cupped her hands on his cheeks and forced him to look at her.

“RJ, stop! You can’t do that, masasaktan ka lalo!” He struggled once more, but her voice was loud and demanding. “Look at me, mahal. Look at me, come on.”

For a moment she thought she was dreaming, that she wasn’t looking into the eyes of the man she loved. They moved from side to side, as if his mind was starting to come to through the haze of medication and sleep.

“You’re okay,” she said softly, her hands still on his face. “It’s alright, you’re just hooked up to a lot of things right now.” Swallowing, she watched as his features softened. “Alam mo ba kung nasaan ka? Do you know who I am?”

“Inom tayo ng tubig, okay?” Maine moved away from him quickly, grabbing the jug of water and a plastic cup. Leaning over the rails, Maine placed her hand on the back of his neck and brought the rim of the cup to his mouth. He fought against it and refused, but Maine wasn’t about to pull back. “Mahal, wag matigas ang ulo. Drink it!” Her orders weren’t meant to be mean, but were meant to keep his mind on track. His eyes looked to the cup and he suddenly helped her by moving his head, putting his dry lips around the brim and allowing her to give him a drink he needed.

“Relax, mahal. Breathe,” she directed as she placed the cup back on the table, her hands moving to remove the banister in her way. Sitting on the bed she took his hand and dipped her head to catch his eyes. “Can you say my name?” RJ’s head rocked slightly, the drugs having yet to ware off. She watched as he laid his head heavily on his pillow, blinking a few times as his eyes scanned the ceiling around the room. Leaning over, Maine pushed the nurse call button, wanting someone to come in and see that he was awake, finally.

“You’re alright, mahal. We’re alright. I’m here,” Maine said, trying her best to keep her voice steady. RJ squeezed her hand weakly and that was all it took for her tears to stream down her face once again. “Can you say something? Say something please, you can do it.”

RJ closed his eyes and huffed before opening them to look at her.

Maine’s eyes darted in between his, her lips pursed into a line as her thoughts ran a mile a minute inside her head. “Sige na, mahal, you can do it. You need to say something.”

RJ opened his mouth to say something but nothing came.

Narrowing her eyes, Maine framed his face once again and forced him to look at her. “Mahal. Buntis ako, what’s good?”


Maine laughed, for the first time since this entire thing happened and threw her arms around him for a hug. “Joke lang. Sorry, wrong joke. I just wanted you to talk and it worked,” she said in one breath, pulling back to see him with a grin on her face before leaning in to kiss him. “I love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for not leaving me,” she said in between kisses. “I love you.”

“Gising na siya?!” Mama Ten yelled as she barged through the doors. Maine looked over her shoulder, nodded at RJ’s second mother and stood up to her feet to give her some space. “Walang hiya ka, RJ! Wag na wag mong gagawin yun ulit! Punyeta kang bata ka, alam mo ba kung ga — “

“Mama Ten,” Maine warned as she pointed at how RJ was still trying to get his bearings back. The moment she saw him looking at her, she felt a sense of relief, that sense of worry and sadness being lifted off of her shoulders and her heart. A smile formed across her lips as she let out a breathy laugh. Never had she felt more alive, more relieved, more hopeful and happy in all her life.

“Hello, mahal ko,” she mouthed as she allowed herself to revel in the moment of her husband finally waking up.


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