RJ Gets A Tattoo pt 2

“Okay! You’re getting the tattoo. Just, easy lang sa kamay, hindi ko na maramdaman.”

These were the last words I heard before everything started to blur.

And believe me, I tried. I really, really tried — I loosened my grip on Maine’s hand, I took deep breaths, I looked away from the needle that was slowly inching towards my chest, I imagined the dragon tattoo, I told myself over and over and over again that it wasn’t even that big, na piso-sized lang siya, I focused on my girlfriend’s laugh (albeit slightly hurtful) — and yet, I still passed out.

So much for being a bad boy.

You know what I’m talking about though? Those mysterious looking ones with tattoos all over their bodies, the ones with shoulder length hair, and a voice that can make all women “swoon and throw their bras at the stage all at the same time.”

Maine does. I overheard her talking to her best friend about it a couple of nights ago.

Uh, excuse me, love, but I just want to point out na kahit wala akong English accent and my name isn’t Harry or Liam or Louis or Niall, I can also make you swoon and throw your at me all at the same time! For free! With endless encores! All privately screened in the comforts of our newly furnished condo!

I will show you What Makes You Beautiful and keep you Up All Night until you have to Drag Me Down because I’m all the 1D you need. And when the Night Changes, you’ll say my name like it’s the Best Song Ever.


“Mahal? Hellooooo? Wake up!”


To be Continued…

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