Matterial — Living Knowledge: Release Note 1.7.0

Hey Matterialists, you may have noticed a couple of changes recently. That is because version 1.7.0 has rolled out. Here’s what’s new:

Templates are here

A feature we’ve long been waiting for is finally ready: templates. We all have documents that share the same structure, like agendas, meeting protocols, and many other types of documentation. You can now create a new template from scratch or take an existing document and turn it into a template to use and re-use. Or, if you just need one copy of a document, because you find its structure useful, you can just duplicate it once, via the document actions beneath your document.


Searching is great, when you know what you’re looking for. But sometimes, we’re not so sure. Now, instead of only searching and filtering down to the document you’re looking for, based on its categories. So you can drill down, from top to bottom to get the information you need.


  • Cleaner, more intuitive editor tool bar
  • Personal trashcan for documents and ability to delete documents forever
  • Easy special character insertion, like quotation marks, dashes, etc.
  • Nicer attachment and download styles in the document
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved pagination
  • Library updates
  • Search engine optimization

Knowledge keeps an organization alive. We want to help you build a living knowledge culture, so you can make your knowledge valuable.

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