Replacements for Burning Fossil Fuels

Clean energy alternative

Two alternatives that we could use to replace the burning of fossil fuels are wind and solar energy. These two energy sources do not release greenhouse gasses into the environment. Since they do not release greenhouse gasses, they would help the reversal of climate change and what we have currently done to our environment.

Implementing cleaner energy sources soon will help the reversal of climate change and get our environment to the point in needs to be.

What Can These Alternatives Can Do For Us?

In an article by Susan Tierney and Lori Bird, called “Setting the Record Straight About Renewable Energy”, they state that clean energy has created millions of jobs. “At the start of 2020, the clean energy sector employed about 3.4 million in the U.S. …” By implementing these alternatives and solutions for climate change reversal we are also creating many jobs within our country.

Some people say that they do not help with the climate change because they are just one person so what they do will not effect the environment, but if everyone helped not only would our environment drastically improve it would also create millions of jobs which would help a lot of people who are unemployed and looking for jobs.

The authors also state that wind and solar plants can be built with minimal effects on the environment and surroundings, and can also benefit things around it. “Wind farms sited in rural areas benefit farmers and ranchers by providing annual revenues from $4,000 and $8,000 per turbine, while allowing landowners to continue to use the sites for agriculture or grazing.” Wind plants can benefit farmers and provide more revenue for them while also allowing them to continue growing different crops.

For solar plants the authors also talk about how the plants can protect wildlife, improve soil, and increase water retention. These plants also require no fuel-delivery which will reduce the amount of negative impacts rather than a plant that requires deliveries like that.


We need to continue to implement more solar and wind energy plants to push our economy and all around life in the correct direction. This will limit the amount of gasses let out into our environment and will increase the reversal of the climate change we have already done. It will also create many jobs for people which would lead to more people wanting to help the change.

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