Mums Are Better CEOs

Mothers are superior Chief Executive Officers. Let me start with this simple affirmation. Mums are better suited for the ‘big chair’ than anyone else who line up for the top job. Everything else being equal, mums outperform other CEOs, not despite of being mothers but because of it.

Motherhood gives you super-human abilities

No offense to other CEOs, but being a mum gives you super-human powers and there aren’t many other ways to get those. Don’t feel threaten by this if you are not a mum. The fact that mums are better at leading a company doesn’t take away anything from other CEOs. Non-mums have built and steered the largest, most profitable and most significant corporations in history. I’m not taking that away from them. But when she’s at the helm, a mother’s company creates far more value for its stakeholders than other leader could generate.

No political correctness needed. Mums are better. Period.

Talking about mums’ superior abilities shouldn’t embarrass you. In fact, it’s thanks to this uncommon strength that you’re appreciating this post today. Leave the political correctness for other conversations and say it: “Mums are better. Period.

There is no need to explain this simple affirmation with charts and statistics. If you’re educated enough to hang out on LinkedIn and read this post, you’re the evidence. But more to the point, if you think you’re smart enough to refute the fact that mothers make superior company chiefs, then you’re already proving the logic you’re trying to invalidate.

Mothers do things that other people can’t do, even after 100 years of practice. They are naturals.

If your mum is near you, watch how she runs things. When your wife gets home today watch how she handles the daily work-life transition. She’s a natural. And that’s why she is the best candidate to lead an organization that empowers communities and change lives.

Of course, it’s possible that there is no mum in your life right now (that’s an unmeasurable loss), so perhaps I can give a few examples of the abilities that only a mother masters.

Resistant to Kryptonite

My Kryptonite is concentrated stress. It breaks me down. It impairs my abilities. Not the common stress. I’m talking about stress that the human body is expected to respond to at a molecular level.

Imagine driving to a family gathering in a city you’ve never been to. Long trip. Then your 14-months-old, seated right behind you, starts crying. Toddlers’ cries are designed to cause massive stress on the parents. It’s panic-inducing and sounds like they are in excruciating pain (though they might just be hungry, tired, bored or uncomfortable).

When that happens, you can’t think straight. You can’t hear the GPS anymore. You can barely pay attention to the road ahead of you. Your entire body wants to react to the cries. Even when you know that little Jimmy is crying because he is bored. A mum will glance in the rear mirror, assess little Jimmy’s problem, conclude that he’s just bored and ignore the cries. In a split second. Then she’ll concentrate back on the road, putting aside the stress that Jimmy is causing.

Gifted with Fast-switch

It’s difficult to ‘snap out’ of a bad situation to appreciate what else is happening in front of you. You know: losing your biggest customers, getting overlooked for promotion, etcetera. It hits you hard and then clouds your vision to the point where you can’t genuinely appreciate anything else.

I need time before I get home to switch to ‘Family mode’. At work, when bad news land on my desk, it takes great time and effort to put it aside and give my full attention to other issues that aren’t connected. Sometimes, it’s even hard to give people the attention they deserve when they come to see me for unrelated matters. Mums switch from ‘Assertive Anger mode’ to ‘Active Listener mode’ in split seconds. If you didn’t know better you’d think they’re acting.

Mums would be scolding little Jimmy for hitting the family cat, then turn around and would give the most genuine, most gentle look to his sister Annie. Then back to naughty Jimmy with a frown. All that in seconds. Flick, flick, switch, switch.

I could go on with anecdotes about how a Mum-CEO’s mindset is naturally inclusive and forward-thinking to deal with the variety of challenges and diversity of emotions that come with motherhood. I could tell you stories but you can do that on your own. Observe mums around you and imagine how they’d run a company.

Qualifications and experience being the same, you’d be crazy not to hire a Mum-CEO over a ‘Normal CEO’.

Raising a family is no small feat. I’m close to many mums who make it look easy, and I wonder why head-hunters aren’t falling over themselves trying to hire a Mum-CEO.

Think about it. And good luck trying to explain why mothers couldn’t be better CEOs.

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