Broadening approach towards UX Design

User experience design is designing something with Empathy.

An empathically designed anything should be of a kind where the user does not have to focus much on the how of accomplishing, rather he should feel comfortable using it and eventually feel satisfied.

When the vicinity of UX Design is so huge I feel comfortable calling it Personal Experience design.

When we say user-centered-approach we limit the very aspect of it. We assume that the person using or interacting with our product has prior knowledge to the context. We assume that the “user” now will read every email we send and will react to every notification we push. Although, it is important to realise that the user is actually a person and people mostly don’t care about petty stuff. In fact, the design should be simple, discoverable and understandable which is how Don Norman states in his book — “The design of everyday things.”

The difference between UI and UX:

User Interface design has a vicinity limited to interaction. User Interface is a stage on which a user interacts to perform some action. Not much thought is usually put into an interface design which can enhance the user’s overall experience to satisfaction.

User Experience design starts from the very discovery of the possible solution to a problem and extends to actual solution of it with ease of use eventually taking the user towards satisfaction.

Design subtle interfaces (they don’t bite):

If it’s easier on the eyes it will be looked at for long. Tempestuous things are now a thing of past. A number of design strategies have appeared these days and these are some of the key elements if incorporated wisely would make a good interface.

Minimal Flat design

Say hello again to 2-dimensional elements and crisp edges and goodbye to flashy CSS. Flat design makes the overall look and feel minimalistic yet appealing because of the open spaces and cleanliness. Itsamazing how designing less is actually more.


Typography should be based more on the context. I love how medium uses Sans-Serif font family for all the headings and sub-headings, and Serif font family for the paragraphs which enhances readability significantly. Its also noteworthy that its always in retrospective where the greatness of design is identified.

as if..

It was so subtle and natural that they fucking forgot to notice it.
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