God help us if the power ever gives out permanently

So, due to circumstances beyond my control, we are having to have the power off for a bit today. This has brought to light (as it were) a problem with my profession (design, mostly on the web) that I always knew in the back of my mind, but I hadn’t really experienced in a while: To wit: no power, no work.

Now, I’m stuck in an office where pretty much everything I do is on the Mac that I can’t use. I have plenty of books, so I can read, and I have this iPhone so I can do email and write on Medium, but I can’t actually work to any meaningful extent.

This has the net effect of making me feel hamstrung and not a little useless. It also makes me think that we, in the first world, have created a society where we really have little clue how to cope without power. Imagine it if you will. No internet, no fridges, no artificial lighting.

It’s an unoriginal thought, perhaps, but no less chilling for that.

I just want the power back on…

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