A Conversation with Jake on Instagram

(Warning: This is a real conversation between me and my friend. Also just for fun and just for a bunch of laughs. None of this is real nor would we really do this. Enjoy!)

Jake: I’m praying I don't see Her

Me: We saw Her for the last week of summer jump

Jake: I feel bad for you

Me: I know and she only said hi to me and no one else

That’s the worst part

But lucky for us she wasn't in the same group as us She was in gold I think and the rest of us was in red

Jake: Good I dont want u goin to jail for murder

Me: You know it but I think I would hire a hitman to do it for me

Jake: True

Then destroy the phone just in case

Me: Word That would be me

Jake: Me I like my phone so I delete the contact

Me: Yeah but the FBI can trace back the number

Jake: Damn well I’m calling them from a house phone

Me: I would get a bootleg phone and break it in half and trash it

Jake: True

Me: I forgot what started this…? Oh right How To Get Away With Murder!

Before writing this blog post, I asked to use this conversation before posting this. I also used false names to hide Jakes human form and hide the person we were talking about.

Alright ladies and guys! If you laughed, smiled or cried while laughing that’s a good thing. If I offended you in any way, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to make you laugh.

Thanks for reading this! Recommendations and comments are always appreciated because I love to laugh and make others do the same!

Ninu Maze’s Out
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