A Short Story On Two Cats

And my reaction to them

Meow… Who? What? Did I just hear a cat?

I took out one of my headphone pieces out of my ear. Nah. No way. It can’t be a cat at this time of night. But then again… Nah. I put the headphone piece back into my ear and play the video. Meooow

Okaaay… That time I really did hear cat. I pause my video, took out the headphones out of my ears and placed my phone on my bed. Where is it coming from? Outside maybe?

I walk to my window and stare outside into the dark, empty, and creepy parking lot in the backside of my building. I don’t see anything- Meow I see a shadow of black move around. Oh wow! A tabby! It was indeed a tabby. Brown, black and gray all over. I’ve seen lots at cats at night travel with one another but not a tabby. I wonder what it’s doing here all alone.

Movements come from next to the tabby and I have to stare just to make it out. Is that another cat? The shadow moves closer towards the window. Yes! A bom cat! All black with it’s nose a patch of white. Common around here and it blends in with the night. So a tabby and a bom cat in the same place. Sounds like Thunder Clan and Shawdow Clan all over again!

Thanks for reading this! This really did happen to me a couple nights back so I wanted to write about it in my point of view in a story. Recommendations and comments are always appecatied because I love cats and you should too! But if you don’t, love whatever animal you love.

Ninu Maze’s Out
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