Parcc testing is like…

A teenager’s thoughts when they hear the words “Parcc testing”

Whenever any kid that knows about Parcc testing hears the words “Parcc tesing”, there mind gets split off into each of the corner of the world and leaves behind a dummy.

The Parcc is…?

First things first, if you don’t know what Parcc testing is (because you don’t watch the news) or heard some information about it from teachers, parents, students, etc. , but still don’t have have clue about it then this article is for you. If you don’t want to read an article about Parcc testing, then I’ll just give you a three sentence break-down of what it is (I’m just quoting the top things you should know about the Parcc).

Parcc testing is a modernized test for parents and teachers to see where students need improving in there class. Regardless of family background or money, Parcc testing is for all students to take which means equal access. It measures how much a student is learning when they are in the classroom and their real world thinking.

Anything else that you want to know more on about the Parcc is something you have to look up online or ask a fellow teacher about. I don’t know a lot about the Parcc, but I do know the toll it has on students, parents, and teachers.

Student’s Concerns

Stress is a big number one con about taking the Parcc. It’s gets to every single one of us. We worry about if we got this question right or did I get a high enough score or I might not have enough time to finish (especially if your a procrastinator). We just worry and stress out when it comes to these things and it’s just something that we do.

Parent’s Concerns

Their kids stress is their stress. No parent wants to come to school with the news that their kid passed out due to a high level of stress. No parent wants that. So what they do is chose the opt-out choice. Opt-out choice is what it is: Your student doesn’t take the Parcc test. You can ask the people in charge of having the test at school for more information.

Teacher’s Concerns

Teachers who have to monitor students when they test and still have to teach class can get a bit on their nerves. They just don’t want to deal with a lot of the stress as much as the students deal with.

My thoughts

You may have noticed that most of the concerns in this article is stress. That’s because the Parcc is nothing but a big stress ball. Students cry, get angry, and even if they get the score they want they still stress about beating that score. It’s just too much! (Yeah I have a rebuttal about this) But, putting aside my opinions for a second, it does help students understand the world better and get prepared for test like the SATs and the ACTs. Yeah I don’t like taking them, but I rather be prepared then to not be perpared.

Reading this? Thanks! Recommendations and comments are always appreciate because lets be real Parcc testing is hard and people do get stressed out a lot.

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