Story Time: Why do you get up early?

Or stay up so late?

My mom and I were having a talk about why she gets up so early (5 am or sometimes 4am).

“Hey mom,” I asked one morning.

“Yes?” she said typing away at her phone.

“Was that you walking around the house in the morning?”


“Oh. Why did you get up so early? I checked my phone and it said 4:18 am.”

She looked up from her phone and replied, “My body is used to getting up early in the morning. I can’t really go back to sleep so I just get up and walk around the house.”

“Ohhh! So it’s sort of like me when I can’t go to sleep at night.”

She raised an eyebrow eyeing me. “ What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well sometimes when I can’t sleep, I get up and I just stretch in my room or I can walk around the house or I get some water and drink it and then go back to bed.

“But even then, I might not be able to go back to sleep so I just count sheep for a while or I just lie my bed and think of all the things I did in the day and it makes me sleepy.”

My mom looked at me and said, “Mhmm. Is that why I keep hearing you up at night? Are you the reason why I can’t fall asleep?”

We looked at one another, smiled and laughed.

Thanks for reading this short story! Just talking with my mom makes me laugh and smile.

So why do you get up so early in the morning or stay up so late? Comment down below and if you liked what I wrote you know what to do.

Reccommdations and comments are always appreciated because I want to know why others stay up so early or late.

Ninu Maze’s Out
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