Sell Structured Settlements

There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to sell a military pension or other income stream. Though structured settlements contain a great degree of flexibility during the decision-making process (how much money do I need now, how much money will I need in the future, what are my present needs?), once you agree to the terms and sign the agreement, you can NOT alter the provisions. Selling your structured settlement into a lump-sum payment is an opportunity to increase your net worth — not limit it. All it sell annuity payments takes is a little guidance from a structured settlement buyer and a plan of action for your cash to breakthrough any doubts.

Accumulation annuities allow contract holders to apply their accumulation amount to purchase income options at the more favorable of the contract’s guaranteed rates or the insurer’s current single premium immediate annuity rates at the time of purchase. For example, if you have no income aside from your structured settlement annuity payments, the judge will want to be sure that before you sell your structured settlement annuity, you have a source of income that can provide for your important needs like food, rent, and medical care if necessary.

On the other hand, part of the reason for the high returns in structured settlement annuity investing is because there are so few investors involved that the market is highly illiquid and inefficient; in theory, if there were multiple companies sell annuity competing for a structured settlement recipient’s payments, there would be more competition, resulting in a higher price that both delivers more money to the seller and provides lower (more competitive”?) yields for the investor. For more information, please visit our site