Simple build tools: npm scripts vs Makefile vs runjs
Paweł Gałązka

Thanks for this article; it’s refreshing to see simpler build-tools getting some love, especially for simpler pages. Will take a look at runjs for sure.

I work a lot with back-end-devs on e-commerce-sites, and a common problem was getting npm to run for everybody who wanted to try out something in the frontend, especially on Windows.

To solve that on our next project, I’m working on a front-end-toolchain, which doesn’t need any dependencies or pre-installed software. Just clone and start.

It consist of a self-made command-line-tool for win/osx/linux, which includes files into files with a special syntax for building HTML-Templates with partials (for headers, footers etc., also be used for bare-bones JS-Modules); and a pre-built SASSC. Those two tools are being used with a Shell-Script/Batch-File for concatenation and copying to “dist”-folders.

It’s not really useful for frontend-heavy sites/SPAs, but for our case, simple static templating, it’s fits perfectly and a complete build takes two seconds :)

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