4 sites to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript for beginners

So you had lots of fun coding with Scratch and other Drag-and-Drop programming languages but now you want something more “real”. So what should be the next steps?

Before you dive into the world of computer programming you must keep in mind that it is a very vast field. Depending on wether you want to design websites, make softwares or develop games, you will need a different set of skills. But what if you are not decided yet about what your end goal is? What if
you just want to learn a few basic skills and get a feel for different branches before you set your mind to any one branch?

In that case learning HTML, CSS and Javascript is the best decision. Even if you do not want to be a website developer and want to end up, let’s say, a data scientist, having a basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in your belt will be super helpful.

Given how multi-purpose HTML, CSS and JavaScript are, the web is full of tutorials and courses to learn these languages. But not all courses are equal and below I am sharing four of my personal favorites. (I am a self-taught learner of HTML, CSS and Javascript)

What I really like about these four sites is that you learn by doing stuff and actually start creating from your very first day unlike many courses where you read theory for days on end and the first time you start creating a simple web page you realize that you have forgotten all the theory.

Mozilla Learn Web Development

Learn web development from scratch with Mozilla’s superb document based tutorials. This tutorial will take you from installing all of the necessary software to making an interactive website. Follow along writing the code and in no time you will have your own website running in your own browser.

Code Academy

It is a completely interactive site where you just follow the steps, type some code and see the result immediately in the browser simulator. It is a good
option for beginners as you don’t need to download any software or waste time in setting things up. But it can be limiting. So while this site is good for some quick practice, when you want to dive deeper go to the next site.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an open source and free program to help you learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with many frameworks and utilities like Node.js. You can work through self-paced coding challenges, build projects, and earn
certificates, all in the browser. The site also connects you with people in your city so you can code together. There is a lot of support available and following
this program end to end will take you to full stack front end web developing.
P.S Check out their Medium publication which is almost as beneficial as the site itself.


Learn coding by following step by step instructions and building five projects. Projects include building your own website, a responsive blog theme and themes for Tumblr, a small business website, an animated robot designed only in CSS and a MadLib game. This kind of learn-as-you-build resources are one of my favorite way of learning as I can play around and see immediate results. And at the end of the project I have something to show.

So what other sites/resources have you used to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript as a beginner?

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