To create or not to create- Is that the question?

I have often wondered what my place was in this whole ‘creator economy’ shindig

Creator economy Boom’, ‘Instagram influencer’ , ‘Brand collaborations’- words that one would scroll past without blinking an eyelid these days, meant absolutely nothing just 10 years ago. It’s incredible to imagine how much a decade (pandemic or no pandemic) can really push the envelope forward on technology, careers, ideas and more. Just a decade ago, parents derided young adults when they spent countless hours on YouTube, playing / streaming games or trying to create content via pictures/ Facebook posts or even videos. These days the same parents are encouraging their kids to be the next big ‘Fitness/Crypto/ Fashion Influencers’ and pulling them out of traditional educational institutions- NOT! As a person living in an Indian City (Mumbai)- I DEFINITELY do not see this having happened yet, but, before you lose all hope and switch to the next article- let me assure you- all hope is not lost!

Even if creator professions are still not mainstream enough to be the 2020’s next ‘software engineers’, what is undeniable is that they are definitely a HUGE part of the future. Not convinced? Take a look at some of the biggest brands in the world- Nestle, Unilever , Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi and many more- all of them have used multiple instances of influencer marketing of some sort. Traditionally brands employed more top-down strategies of getting celebrities to talk to their consumers- they focused on creating aspirations and a ‘larger than life’ persona for their brands. While the above is still often true, new marketing techniques often involve using influencers to pitch brands as ‘one among us’- almost like an ‘if my friend (the influencer in this case) uses it, I must too’ approach.

Brand influencing aside, influencers/ creators truly do have the power to spread knowledge, awareness and even shape opinions through their various social media distribution channels. I can solemnly say that I have learnt MOST of what I have learnt post my formal education via different content on various platforms- primarily YouTube, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Reddit etc. To say that we live in interesting times is an understatement especially when you consider that someone like me has learnt more about finance, investing, marketing and other things through online creators than through my formal education.

Alright- now that I have meandered through the various crevices of my mind trying to verbalize why being a creator has its perks and why it is so important in the world today- I recently arrived at a metaphorical ‘crossroad’ in my journey- Should I be a creator too?

While I am sure that the bold typeface I introduced when I typed in that question makes it feel like I arrived at some kind of an ‘aha!’ moment and things just flowed from there- Alas! life is not a TV Show and inevitably, that question was followed by a barrage of 6000 others as my mind began racing through pages and pages of self talk- An excerpt of a handful of these is below:

What will I create?

Who will read what I write?’

Why would anyone want to read what I write?

How do I scale/ grow what I do?’ (The consultant in me is proud)

What tools or products can I use to get started? How do I know what to start with? Can someone help me learn how to use these tools?

Who am I?

Okay fine the last one was not prompted during my nascent journey as a ‘creator’ but is more of a reflection on how exploratory my journey through far has been so far (I promise we can walk through this another time). One deep Google search and multi link clicking rabbit hole later- I found myself with a multitude of opinions, thoughts, options to look at as a creator, some that left me even more confused than I was earlier and prompted even more questions to add to the previous 6000. However, one thing was absolutely crystal clear: ‘Get started, Be consistent’.

That’s it. End of the story- it is as simple and difficult as those 4 words put together. Getting those keyboard taps in/ putting pen to paper (does this even happen anymore?) and being deliberate and regular about it is the only way one can know the answer to most, if not all of those questions. There were other learnings too, and I hope to disburse some of those in time as well, but consider this a synthesis of what most ‘experts’ do and say.

So, taking my own advice- looks like I am a blogger and a ‘creator’ now. Who knows- maybe someday I might actually be able to remove the quotation marks from ‘creator’ and actually turn into a real, life sized creator myself!

My solemn promise to you as a ‘creator’:

  1. I walk you through my journey, the ups and the downs and hope to bring you along the way!
  2. Every time you read my work, you might have the occasional chuckle and maybe, just maybe an outright laugh
  3. I will try to be true to my research, data and analysis background through the various roles I have played professionally and personally and try to ensure that I put out information I genuinely believe in
  4. As I am a fledgling creator, please do leave me some room for error as I am also going to be figuring this out- who knows maybe this means I might update these ‘promises’ soon too with more!

If you have read this far, I congratulate and thank you and send you a virtual hug! Welcome to the family, it’s going to be an incredible ride, I hope!

-Do reach out at : or on LinkedIn, love feedback! even if you want to just say hello!



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