Dear Love Poem

dear love poem,
I’m done with you!
No, really I am done.

With your delusional references 
and starlight skies
I’m done with your lies
and the people who said them

dear love poem,

We have been friends too long
It’s like listening to the same song 
over and over 
till you know all the words & pauses
You know where it hurts & where it crosses
the line between fiction and truth

dear love poem,

I’m done with my expectation
Of reading you differently
for someone new
or for moments when I know it’s not you 
I am sick of. But me.

dear love poem,

I’d like us to be more than friends,
I want to be smitten, and woo-ed
Not just incomplete and jilted
I want to fall in deeply 
without worrying about the dark circles
that writing you leaves under my eyes
I’d like my very own cliche

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