The Journeyman.

Am I a Traveler or a Pilgrim?

Do I consume or revere?

Every road takes me to a new world

Every Journey is a new discovery

Every milestone is a pregnant womb of unborn questions

Evert destination unleashes new beginnings

Gods change, Religions change, I change


To be reborn

Like a new leaf

To branch out, and feel the world

With delight …to filter in with the light of compassion,

A brief moment is born,

A silent rumble ensues,


A Shadow… of thought,

That swings & spans in its very own space,

For the traveler to consume & rest… inside…


For the Pilgrim to revere and chew the meaning of life

In deep Meditation,

For me to decide…

Who am I?

@2016 Nirav Vaidya

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