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It’s been a roller coaster ride for the past two years. As a remote designer, it was difficult to get a job or project due to high competition in the industry.

I was frustrated and helpless when I found my that my earnings are getting low day by day, no new client leads, no side projects. I was also getting married in the same year.

There was immense pressure on me to find new projects or clients to support my life, family, and accumulate some fun to get decent marriage.

One day I was searching for work and suddenly I…

Here’s the request from Gumroad founder to share my design improvements

Twitter reply from founder of Gumroad Sahil Lavingia
Twitter reply from founder of Gumroad Sahil Lavingia
Gumroad founder’s request to share improvements

Here are some of the UX and UI improvements to increase overall user engagement. It will help to increase the downloads from the marketplace and help people to quickly absorb the information quickly.

Moreover, the refreshed look will help your sellers to get more exposure from the Gumroad platform. This also brings a strong brand which also reflects the success of Gumroad. It has a strong logo represent reliable, successful, sophisticated, and mature brands.

Nirav Suthar

I talk about product design, how to run individual businesses. Founder at and Shop at

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