How millennials can contribute to change world’s second populated country. “INDIA”

Tapping the potential of millennials in India

Millenials are the people who are born after 1982 and currently it has been in the trend since most of them are taking over the working force all across the globe. Alone, they are contributing 57% of working force in India and are about 412 million people as per the United Nation’s database.

There are many multinational companies in the country, which are adopting the new trends and changing their policies so as to attract and retain young talent in their companies. For example, IBM India and Microsoft India has gone relaxed on their office dress code and has put various initiatives in place which will attract and retain young talent. In fact, according to one of articles published in The Wall Street Journal reveals that companies are inviting junior employees to make hiring decisions.

I have personally witnessed the potential of working around my friends, colleagues and young millennials who will go an extra mile to accomplish tasks. In my experience through HeForShe and Engineers for Hope, I can say we accomplish tasks and met deadlines working all days and sometimes even pulling all nighters.

Millennial, Credits: Pixabay

I strongly believe that if millennials are given enough freedom to make decisions and control their own schedules then they can accomplish a lot. Since they value finishing tasks in every way possible and putting experience over money. They have the potential of making a change in our economy.

Rise of the sharing economy:

With the rise of population, the mentality of the people is changing too as the youth in India prefers to share materialistic possessions. According to one of the study conducted by Goldman Sachs, found that 30% of millennials do not intend to purchase a car in the near future. In Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, car and room sharing is already on its peak through Ola Cabs and Airbnb.

Tapping their potential together:

In order to bring a change and putting everyone at win win situation. Companies are changing their policies and giving enough flexibility to their employees so that they can work from home as well. This is something, which is creating more productive results as people have the freedom to think creative and feel empowered.

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