Democratic Party needs to listen to voters before it’s too late; Clinton nomination guarantees…
Yvonne C. Claes

“Being ridiculously self entitled, if my favorite doesn’t win, no one else will get my vote. I’m taking my toys out of the sandbox and running home to mommy to scream about how unfair everyone was at the playground today. Then I will demand that all of my dolls on the shelf must hate everyone and everything that I do, because if I don’t get my way…no one should be happy. (That includes making things up that defy logic when the end results don’t suit my preferences). If that means a fascist with the ability to truly destroy our country becomes President, then cool beans. Because I actually don’t care at all about the things I’m preaching about…I will just run away crying like the baby I am if my one and only isn’t chosen. Wow, I feel better now! This blanket of stupidity keeps me warm and comfy all night long.”

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