A software storage solution might be less obvious than you think.

Diving deeper beyond the surface of microservice interactions

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Image Source: https://scotch.io/bar-talk/secure-dependencies-with-github-and-dependabot

Design and Mockups

Design Before Code

Why I want to remake a web game I built 4 years ago

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From Humble Beginnings (aka Flash Games)

  1. Vote on an image from a random set that you thought you could caption with something funny
  2. Submit your hilarious caption
  3. Vote on all the captions submitted by you and other players
  4. See the winning caption on the image
  5. Have a laugh and win some points if your caption was the winner

Fighting the inevitable pains of legacy code

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  • Is the reduction of…

What I learned moving my personal website to GatsbyJS

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In 6 steps

A beginner’s guide to participating in open source

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What tools do cloud platforms provide and what software problems can they solve for you.

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Sanjay Nair

Software Engineer. Atlanta, GA, USA

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