Simple Automation to Read your Articles, PDF’s & eBooks on Kindle.

I would like to share how i automated my reading workflow for the Kindle device. As you may aware from my earlier blog posts that i am a fan of e-Readers and love to use them due to e-Ink Display and makes your eyes comfortable without any radiation. I have been using the (Barnes & Noble) Simple Touch for the last 4 years. Recently, it has worn out and its time for a latest e-Reader. This time i went for the New Kindle purchased in Amazon for 4,999 (INR). Thanks to my friend who shared a Kindle Promotional Voucher, because of this i got a discount of 1K. Unlike NST, the Kindle doesn’t support PDF with a free flow text. You need to zoom and read them which is not comfortable.

Amazon — New Kindle 2016 — White Edition

The New Kindle has a Bluetooth built-in through which you can connect to a Bluetooth enabled speaker for Voice Over (Text to Speech) and it works perfectly with US Accent.

Adding files to Kindle :
Amazon uses a different eBook format to load on the Kindle, this is to abide with the DRM and avoid copying the purchased book to multiple devices. You can add ebooks to your kindle device using the following ways.

  1. Purchase from Kindle Store
  2. Connect the Kindle via USB and SideLoad the eBooks (PDF,DOC,MOBI,AMZ3) etc
  3. Configure your Kindle Mail Id and send the file from your mail Id to <uniqueId> If you want the file to be converted to kindle supported format then add a subject line with word “convert”. After conversion, Amazon directly pushes that file to you kindle library wirelessly

Need for Automation :

Here some challenges which inspired to create some scripts to automate the process of loading the ebooks to Kindle.

Challenge 1 :

I was looking for a way to generate a eBook daily for the kindle from a given website url and all i wanted is just to open the kindle in the morning and i should see the ebook already loaded in my Library. Something like a Daily Newspaper ready to be read on each day.

Challenge 2 :

I heavily use PDF format to read articles and eBooks. Since Kindle doesn’t works friendly with PDF’s i need a way to convert this to a Kindle friendly format so that i can read them flawlessly. All my books are stored in Google Drive and want to pick some pdf files and send them to Kindle.

For the above challenges, i thought the best way to automate this to use the “Send to Kindle” feature and implement this feature using Google Apps Script. They are other ways to automate using IFTTT and Calibre Tools, but i preferred to go with Google Drive.

Here the code which i used to automate this.

Script for Challenge 1 : Create a ebook from a given Url and send to Kindle.

Script for Challenge 2 : Send to Kindle from Google Drive.

The ideas is to create a folder called ToKindle in GoogleDrive. And whenever i want to read some files in Kindle i will simple add that file to this folder. The script is scheduled to run every one hour. The script identifies the files in the ToKindle folder (folderId) and sends that file as blob to the configured kindleId and then it deletes the files from the ToKindle folder.

Hope this helps someone who wants to automate for Kindle.

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