Best WordPress Theme For Adsense Users

Are you looking for the best WordPress Adsense theme? Check the details of the newly launched, trending theme for WordPress, Admania.

Best WordPress Theme For Adsense

I have been using the Google Adsense as one of the blog monetization methods with which I make a decent income every month.

There is no doubt that it is the best paying CPC network for the event and niche bloggers.

If we drive targeted traffic from search engines and social media, then it is more likely to get higher CTR for the Adsense ads.

If we use the best WordPress theme for Adsense ads, then we could give the best experience for our readers. Thus they would become loyal to our blog and come back to read our content for sure.

I came across several bloggers who would like to use free WordPress Adsense theme for their blogs as they might have a tight budget.

But I would say that the free WordPress themes for Google Adsense would spoil the navigation experience of the audience and make the site look spammy as well.

Yes, those poorly designed themes would force the readers to click the ads and make them leave our blog permanently.

To avoid such displeasure, it would be better to use the Premium Adsense theme for WordPress that are well-designed and precisely coded.

Being an Adsense user for more than six years, I always search for the best WordPress theme for advertising to place the ads at the logical spots of the blog.

While hunting for the best ad-ready theme for WordPress, I found an excellent theme for Adsense CTR, Admania from ThemeForest.

I have purchased it immediately and customized the theme for one of my niche blogs monetized with Google Adsense ads.

My blog looks great now as I have placed the ads at the strategic points where my readers would like to click. Moreover, I have added the affiliate banners without any issues.

The front end ad editor is available in this ad-friendly theme with which we can add/edit the ads directly on the live theme instead of doing at the backend.

I love the customization features and ad-fixing preferences of Admania, the best WordPress theme for Adsense.

Out of all, it is perfectly optimized for speed and SEO as well!

Thus, I would like to recommend this theme for the Adsense users who would like to improve their CTR and make massive revenue from their blog ads.

Now, have a look at the best WordPress optimized Adsense theme, Admania from ThemeForest!

I hope you will like its flexibility and ad-friendliness features! Please share your views!