Top 30 Blogging Mistakes That Every Dedicated Blogger Should Avoid

Learning from the mistakes — sounds nice!

But do we really have that much time to make all the mistakes in a single life span?

Then why don’t you learn from other’s mistakes?

Learn from those mistakes and make some new mistakes of your own, create your new experience and share it with others.

Blogging is also the skill which can be achieved after regular practice and experiences you get through.

I have been blogging since 2010 and hence learned so many things from my faults.

Here, I would like to mention 30 common mistakes which every newbie blogger makes and which every passionate blogger should avoid in order to pace faster in the direction of success.

Don’t Do These Blogging Mistakes

30 Mistakes to Avoid in Blogging

1. Less backlinks - It can reduce the traffic on your site. So, don’t ignore the power of making backlinks. Only number of backlinks doesn’t matter, it should be from the active sites that have good authority.

2. Pleading readers to read your articles - Yeah, this is the worst mistake you can ever make. Instead of begging your readers to read your article, give them a strong reason to read your article.

3. Improper anchor text - Using simply “Read More” and “Click here” won’t attract your reader to read the linked article. Anchor text should be tantalizing and effective.

4. Believing blogging is fast - Great things take time. After implementing all the strategies for SEO and other stuff, you will have to wait for the results.

5. Only writing, not clearing anything - There shouldn’t be anything questionable in your post. Yeah, people can google it, then why should they read your article? Informative and detailed articles are preferable.

6. Not asking for helping hand - Doing everything at your own is an idealistic concept. You cannot reach everywhere. So, take help of your friends and other blogging mates to complete some tasks.

7. Call to Action is missing - If you have huge mass of readers, then you can ask them to do some tasks for you, like supporting you by subscribing, purchasing your products and following you on social media profiles.

8. Use of different font color - Making your blog colorful is actually not a good idea, as it will distract your readers. Colorful texts can also be assumed as hyperlinks.

9. Ignoring commenters - It can be considered as denying support from your readers. Yeah, if you are not replying to comments of your readers, they will get knowledge from your articles but won’t show their response.

10. Boring start of the article - As it is said, “Beginning is half done”, if your start is good, readers will be engaged throughout the article. There are many tricks to hook your readers with the flow of the article.

11. Content is full of grammatical mistakes - The topic should be hot enough to force your audience but mechanics also matter. If the information is quite useful but with too many grammatical errors, then readers will lose their interest.

12. Money-oriented mindset - We all like to make money from the things we like to do, it is fun to earn money while having fun with your work, but if blogging is your hobby, then initially you should be focused on building the readership and brand of your blog.

13. Not doing Guest posts - Writing for someone else will introduce you to their readers. It will be helpful for you if your writing standards match to their expectations. You can drive more traffic on your blog via guest blogging.

14. Not hosting guest post on your blog - If you want a break from your writing schedule, then let someone write for your blog who can provide great content for your audience.

15. Old posts are still old - You think your job is done after writing an amazing and detailed article? Then you are wrong. You need to update your article at particular interval of time, as per the demand of the topic.

16. Essay type format of the content - Writing in long paragraph like legal documents will make your article boring. So write to the point just in 2–3 lines.

17. Picking up the niche which is in trend, but boring for you - No matter how trending the topic is, you won’t be able to give your best efforts if you are not interested in the niche itself.

18. Limited Promotion - If you will promote your content to the same old audience then your blog won’t get new audience and your network will be of fixed size.

19. No Testimonials - Get credibility by testimonials. Grow your virtual crowd and get famous by having testimonials of what you are best at.

20. Sitting for too long - It can harm physique of your body. Experts suggest standing while something is getting downloaded or loaded. Refresh yourself once in an hour

21. You get depressed by low stats -It happens that sometimes more number of live users excites you but no need to be depressed if your recent month page views are bit low. Just accept the reality and take these low stats as inspiration and work hard on your blog.

22. Avoiding the power of list building - Start building your Email list from the day one of the blogging. It is the most effective of growing audience.

23. Inconsistent frequency of posting - Regular posting will help you to build your readership. Inconsistency will lead you losing your loyal readers.

24. Not using your real and unique voice - Copying and pasting content from various sites will spoil your image in the blogging community. So, write your own well researched and unique article.

25. Too many changes - Changing your host, niche, domain and theme designs will make the negative impact on reader’s mind. Trust building will be hard for your brand.

26. Not knowing your real target - May be you are capable enough to help everyone from newbie to pro. But it is also harsh reality that you can’t serve the same dish to all. Writing articles targeting the huge mass is not good thing.

27. Writing just to maintain schedule - Writing anything just to maintain schedule can harm your blog in terms of quality. Four average posts are equal to one great post. Take your time and write one well researched post which can go viral.

28. Wrong choice of hosting. Don’t choose any hosting just by the offers they give or recommendation of friends. You need to choose as per the requirement of your blog. Also, make sure to select the hosting company that offers good customer support, 99.9% uptime and fast server service.

I would like to follow the environmental policies and maintain the web green. Thus I’m using green web hosting services. Here I have done the in-depth comparison between the two leading Green web hosting providers, GreenGeeks Vs Inmotion. You may buy the suitable server service for your blog.

29. Not working on the loading speed of your blog. The more time your blog will take to load, the more readers you will lose. In this era, nobody likes to wait. The delay of milliseconds also matter here. Hence, you must use the fast loading WordPress theme.

30. Taking your relatives for granted. This mistake of yours will not affect your blog or your blogging career, but it will surely affect your personal life which is I think more hazardous. Don’t be mad while making money via blogging that you lose your precious relations.

These are the common mistakes done by every blogger in the beginning of their blogging career.

At least avoid these 30 mistakes and your journey will be pretty easy and fast. Share this article so your other blogger friends can avoid this.

Have you made such mistakes? How to avoid them? Share your valuable views, so that it would help the beginners to perform well and make money with blogging.