Explore New You with Ageless Skin

Ageing is inescapable process. It is truth of life which is beyond out control. As we grow old our skin looses elasticity, looks pale, starts thinning and becomes rougher. This is because connective tissues change with age. At the same time it is not necessary that our skin reflects our age. There are many facts which can be important factors in deciding how our skin looks in later years of age.

There are certain factors we should keep in our mind for our basic skin care regime so that our skin stays supple and fresh-looking.

· Diet: Diet plays very important role on our body and skin is no exception. For clearer, healthier-looking skin we should add green leafy vegetable and variety of fruits in food. Water intake should be increased as it keep our body hydrated and in turn keeps skin moist and reduces fine lines and wrinkles visibility. Other foods we can add are chocolate, almonds, olive oil, lemon, oatmeal, red wine.

· Exposure to sunlight: UV light is very harmful for skin and is biggest culprit in skin ageing. It reduces collagen in the skin. It can be avoided by staying out of the sun, covering up, wearing a hat, and use sunscreen when ever going to sun.

· Alcohol and smoking: When we are enough hydrated our skin looks fresh, young, bright and smooth. Alcohol deprives skin from water and many nutrients as a result wrinkles and fine line are more visible. Smoking can lead to early ageing and discoloration of skin. It also decays tooth and causes bags under eye.

· Make up: Make-up blocks pores on our skin and as a result give rise to many skin related issues like acne and eczema.

So to fight against ageing and for healthy skin we need to keep above points in our mind, cut less all our bad habits. Which includes junk food, alcohol, smoking and oily foods. Exercise regularly and maintain your optimum weight and keep your skin well hydrated.

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