Simple Yet Effective Homemade Remedies For Summers

As the summers are at its peak so the effects on our skin are much increased. Common skin problems we come across in scorching sun are tanning, sunburn, excessive oil on face making it oily, dull and increases pimples and blemishes. To keep ourselves away from this scorching summer affects a special attention and care is necessary during the summer season. With prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun also results in wrinkles, tanning and in many cases dark patches.There are lots of skin products available in the market which promises to reduce or remove all these bad effects from the sun.

The best way to protect our skin to follow natural way. That means we should always try to follow the natural and ayurvedic ways to take care of skin as these ways are effective and are without any harmful chemicals. Skin tanning is one of the most common problems which everybody faces during the summer and we always try to find the quick solution for this problem and tend to use every product available in the market for quick relief. We can use Nirmali as an effective treatment for summer and a pimple cure medicines.

Homemade remedies for Skin Tanning.

1. Gram Flour with curd: 
 Curd being a dairy product is a good source of calcium, magnesium and many nutrients so are beneficial for bones. It is an excellent exfoliating agent as it removes dead cells and provides moisture to the skin. Gram flour is used for instant glow. The combination of curd and gram flour can do wonders when added few drops of lemon in this mixture.

2. Rosewater and Sandalwood: 
 Sandalwood enhances our skin and is used as the fairer skin treatment in many pimples and anti-aging treatments. It gives cooling and soothing effects on our skin in case of sun tan and sunburn.

3. Alovera with Lemon:

Due to citrus properties in lemon, it is widely used as a hair and skin treatment. It is natural bleaching agent. Aloe Vera has the power to kill any sort of fungus and bacteria. Use this paste for removal of tan and dark circles around eyes. Aloe Vera is also used in ayurvedic pimple cure medicines.

4. Turmeric, yogurt, and Honey:

Turmeric is ingredient from Indian kitchen and has antiseptic and antifungal properties. It is an old ingredient used for skin problems. Honey is used as healing properties and is used as the moistening agent which helps our skin to retain elastic and supple nature.


With above trips of summer care we can keep our skin well hydrated and away from bad effects of summer. Nirmali blood purifier helps in achieving supple and soft skin even in summers and is best pimple curemedicines.

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