Hey all,

Well not sure about how big the all will be , probably it is just going to be me alone. But that is okay. This is something which I have been meaning to do for a very very long time. Probably for years I think but never could come around to do it for a variety of reasons , the prime one being getting my lazy ass to start writing. Hmm, that is a pattern I see in lot of things. Probably I do have a problem in starting new things. But that is not the point here.

So first Who am I?

As you can see from my profile my name is Nirmal. I am a CS engineering student as of now. I am a android developer, trying to be a full stack web developer (more in the lines of hoping to be), an amateur writer (never been published) and a general programmer. I love computer and programming, writing, binge watching (currently hooked on Suits) and doing just a lot of random stuff.

Why am I doing this ?

Honestly I have no idea. But to satisfy my inner conscience for spending the time I have come up with the following explanations :

Giving Back : I am a self taught android and web developer. All that I have learnt is from different coding websites and free YouTube tutorials. This is my way of giving back to the community which has given me so much. Now in no way I say I am an expert in any of these things but I can hold the fort for some time . Also sharing what I have learnt and learning can help me understand the concept further.

Writing : I love writing but I have no idea how is my writing as my writing have neither been judged nor published before. In my own opinion I think I think I am awesome but that is just me. So if any body is reading this I welcome all forms of criticism and opinions on my writings.

Discover : These stories can provide opportunity to learn new things and have new experience. I am a huge optimist by the way.

So these are some lofty aims for starting my medium account. I am not sure how well I can do in each one but hey what are we sure of ?

Why Medium ?

First I thought of creating my own site for these but I decided not to do that mainly because it will destroy my writing experience. I would have to take of things like adding features, fixing bugs, designs, coding which would definitely take all the fun out of writing. Its like having both your wife and girlfriend under the same roof . Why I chose medium out of the endless other such similar sites is one I love the minimalist feel and look and medium. Second it has a sense of community of creators.

So that’s all for now folks. Peace !