Note to self: recover from work

When we leave from work, we leave with the worries of incomplete work. It maybe something we got stuck at, or something we’re only partially done with but excited to finish asap.

We’ll be worried and constantly strategising in our mind even when we’re out of work.

This is obviously a bad thing. It’s depressing and will harm our social and mental health directly. It’ll keep us from really ‘being there’ even when we’re physically in a certain environment, may it be a social call or a different business.

It’s understandable that we’re scared of losing the focus and missing deadlines. But I believe there’s a simple solution for most situations:

Write it down and forget it.

This is as simple as it sounds, but quite powerful as a strategy. We KNOW we won’t miss exactly where we already were, when we revisit this. We can leave work happily with the knowledge that we’re not gonna miss anything out.

Even if we’re scared of missing a deadline, in most cases, we can start worrying about it tomorrow, or on Monday. We’ll have more people to discuss this with and approach the whole thing with a fresh and well-rested mind then.

I’m not saying this is a silver bullet for every situation, but for a developer like me it makes so much sense, since I’m working 9 to 6 and we’re adopting a sprint based agile workflow.

Does this make sense for your situation? It’s there an alternative to this you’ve done up with? Please let us know in the comments. ☺