Serverless functions helped democratize cloud scale development. They abstract a very complex set of infrastructure pieces, allowing developers to focus on solving the problems at hand instead of focusing on operational “chores”. This also extends to configuring source control, builds and deployments. There are several awesome tools out there that provide a frictionless “code to prod” experience.
In this blog I will walk you through using a SAM template and GitHub actions to deploy a Lambda function every time new code is pushed to the masterbranch of their GitHub repository. This can set the basis for a robust CI/CD workflow…

I have spent the last 18 month learning and using Redis. Redis is an awesome technology and it is made easier to use in the cloud with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. I use Redis as more than just a cache, even though it is a great choice when you need to accelerate access to resources like files or database records. I use it as a resilient extension of my program memory, it includes implementation of common data structures like lists, sets and sorted sets. Because of its extreme performance and data type support, Redis is great for scenarios such as…

Nir Mashkowski

Serverless and cloud enthusiast. I spent the last 30 years at the intersection of developer products and scalable, distributed systems.

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