Paper mache is something which all of us have been hearing since childhood. Most of us will relate it to our school days when DIY assignments were handed over and we used to witness some amazingly creative stuff.

Traditional face and body painting are believed to be started not as an art form, but as a daily ritual. It has been practiced by many indigenous communities across the globe as a culture, for hunting and numerous other reasons.

Young Maasai men, not yet warriors, in traditional face paint. Serengeti area, Tanzania © Marco Boria _

Palm or the Palmyrah is arguably the most versatile and widely cultivated plant in India. There are many varieties of Palm found here and the array of products which can be made using this fruit are amazing. The Palm Tree has a long history associated with India, especially in Tamil Nadu, which is to the South.

Palm Plantation around Sathish’s home (Image from his Facebook Page)

For generations, embroidery has been contributing to the uniqueness of Indian culture. Each region has its own patterns, which gives a perspective of India’s diversity. Here’s us taking you on a visual tour of some of our favourite embroidery techniques across India.


A line-up of few of the most beautiful and exquisite floor and wall painting styles in India. The stories, myths, making and the history that follows.


The ferocious Goddess Kali (

The major deities drawn are Goddess Kali, Lord Aiyyappa and Naga Deva in their ugram (angry pose)…

Karkala, is a small town near Udupi in Karnataka. My major memory of the place is deep rooted to the vacations I tspent there with my parents when I was kid. It’s a place where you could name a house, as a location for getting a bus ticket.

A part of Neklaje, our ancestoral home in Karkala, Karnataka.

Craft Tales by Nirmisu

Craft tales by Nirmisu takes you around India and shares experiences around culture, people, traditional craft techniques & the environment around them.

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