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I am sure this has happened to you at least once. Or if you are someone like me, quite often.

Imagine this.

You are browsing your Instagram or YouTube feed.
Maybe you are on a much-deserved break from work or more likely from the household chores that mom gave you.

While browsing, you come across a really insightful video(it’s most likely from GaryVee). The video inspires you, charges you up, or gives you that Aha! moment to your life’s most pressing problem.

You get that dopamine hit of discovering something amazing.

But then……..nothing happens.

You get back to work. Answer…

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It is safe to say that the the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-think how we live our daily lives. Our old routines and schedules, which we were so comfortable with and took for granted just a month before, have suddenly become irrelevant.

A lot of you would agree with me, when I say that it has been a disorienting and a confused last few days.

Of the many challenges that I have been struggling with during this lockdown, a substantial one has been to re-imagine and re-structure my old habits and routines for the new normal.

We all…

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Imagine this. You are the captain of a Cricket Team which has never participated, much less won in a Super Over.

And suddenly, you end up winning two of them, back-to-back. That too, from a position of most-likely defeat, against a solid opposition.

How, in the world, do you explain that?

One word - Belief.

Before we get into it, Would You Please Do This For Me?

I know. I know what you are thinking. Another cliched article talking about some abstract power of belief, saying the same things, which will never help us in real life.

I get it. But don’t dismiss it just yet. …


While writing the title, I wondered if I was going overboard with it.

But then I thought about all the hours I had wasted, burning my time away on social media, YouTube browsing and what not.

Never mind. Procrastination is a bitch.

Hell, it’s taken me almost a month now to post anything new here at The Evening Project.

Even when I knew it’s important. Even when I promised myself that I would post every week without fail.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we willingly delay and postpone important necessary tasks?

And why do we substitute…

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We all deal with problems every day.

Sometimes problem-solving is a breeze. The other times, more often than not, it’s frustrating.

Tell me, if you are familiar with this picture.

The eyes closed in concentration, the forehead creased with focused attention and your brain trying real hard to look for that breakthrough moment.

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It has happened to me multiple times before.

The experience of struggling fruitlessly with a difficult book that started with high hopes of enlightenment.

You know what I am talking about.

Your eyes keep regressing back to the paragraph before. Your brain struggling to make sense. Each page is a colossal effort. And you are making less progress then a lizard on the wall.

Why does reading this book, which held such promise while buying it, feel like a very big mistake now?

I mean, wasn’t this supposed to be brilliant reading experience with a lot of Aha! moments?


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When I was a kid studying in school, my grandfather often came to pick me up. It was almost ironic because he himself had extremely limited formal education.

And yet, he was one of the smartest people I knew.

As is typical of grandfathers, he always seemed to know everything. For instance, he could always tell which shop had the best merchandise or whether it was worth haggling with a particular shopkeeper.

From things to people, he knew how to manipulate and maneuver to eventually get what he wanted.

I could never wrap my head around this and as is…

Source: HBO -Game of Thrones

“Stick ’em with the pointy end.”

Who knew that these simple six words would turn out to be the most pivotal and essential piece of advice ever given in Westeros?

If you have been watching Game of Thrones, it would be safe to assume that by now, you are aware of the epic Arya Stark jump scene which ends the very promising career of our homeboy, The Night King.

As I was making the social media rounds after watching the “Battle of Winterfell” episode, I couldn’t help but notice people quoting the same line again and again.

“She stuck him…

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Let me ask you a question:

“Right now, are you living your dream life?”

I think the answer is NO.

A recent survey done by Gallup, an American analytics company known for conducting public opinion polls shows that 85% of the people in the world hate their jobs.

To put that in perspective, think about it this way.

Almost 9 out of 10 people you meet randomly on the street are probably going to rant about their work or their boss.

To be honest, I bet you can relate to this even without any statistics. I know I can.


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“What can I do to prepare myself as I start my professional career?”

My junior friends from college had been asking me this question since a while now. They were about to graduate in a week.

At the same time, I was about to finish a year working in the corporate world.

This one year had taught me a lot.

I had gone from a sweatpant-loving college student pursuing his MBA to an MNC corporate executive who now dealt with executive clients and partners in a professional setting.

The transition from college to corporate has its challenges.

However, there a…

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