Let them underestimate you

“One of the best opportunities you can be given in life is to be underestimated.”

Have you ever been underestimated because you were too young or not professional enough or newbie to the field?

I know I have been underestimated plenty of times and it still happens. For most of the people I meet at networking events, business stuff, or anything that is typical older people thing I’m probably considered as “some 21 year old kid(who looks like he’s 13) acting like a know it all”. Sometimes my older family friends underestimate my knowledge for things that are business related, family oriented, etc.

I actually like it when they underestimate me. I feel a little frustrated for that moment but it’s their perception of what I cannot do that keeps me motivated. It’s challenging and I love challenges!

I think of it in a way where if they are underestimating my knowledge or my ability of doing things then my actions in future will speak louder than ever.

The feeling you get when you prove them wrong and actually achieve something great is one of its kind.

So don’t let others perception towards you drive you down. Leverage it to motivate yourself and do great things!!

Steve Jobs had a really cool story on this as well. You’d be able to find it if you google “Steve Jobs power of underestimating” or so.

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