@Eze Vidra post about Scale of Messaging Landscape 2017

Online courses X Messaging

Online Education is a big thing. Online courses platforms like Udemy, Coursera,EDX and Kahn academy are already very popular. Considering the time spent on messaging and the ease of use on the go, having the ability to learn on the go on my favorite messaging platform + developing a new kind of MICRO courses that can be consumed in short time can be a big thing.

Customer service / Success X messaging

Mobile Messaging removes entirely the clutter of communication between people and is ripe to level up to Business to Customer communication. Bridging the gap between web to chat can bring better customer services, customer retention and increase in sales. Intercom can be the one that leads the pack but this is just starting and the opportunity can be a big thing. Converting customers from mobile web browsing to smart chat experience to buyer will be the key parameter for businesses to adopt it. Creating extra noise for business will make it fail.

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