Finding My Passion in Programming

disclaimer: If you are a grammer police please fix my errors and let me know. English is not my first language but I am happy to correct my mistakes.

In November of 2014 after attending a festival in Southern California I was AWAKEN which changed the course of my life forever.

Before that I was working hard to obtain my bachelor degree in criminal justice and working full-time so I could support my family. After I graduated in 2011 I tirelessly looked for a job in my field but didn’t find anything; thereafter, I dropped the idea and continued working as a banquet server at a beautiful resort in Scottsdale, AZ. I have been working in the same place for over five year; for that period my co-workers became my family, the managers were a great role models, pay was good and it gave me the time and freedom to travel.

Although, I was happy with my life but it wasn’t the happiness I was looking. After attending a rave in Souther California in 2014 with a few friends, I came to realize that I was looking at everything in the wrong way. I always been passionate about technology but I was not doing anything in the tech field. I came to realize that technology is the key to making the world a better place and it already was doing that with things like our cell-phones, social media, search engines, etc. Besides, I always been passionate about technology yet I wasn’t involved in it.

Thereafter, I started researching to see how I can turn my passion for technology into life-long career. Not sure how but I came across coding-academy website and gave it a try and really like it. It was amazing how someone could make something from nothing. After finishing coding-academy challenges I decided to see if I could go to school and learn more about programming. As I was looking into my options I cam across an article from Wall Street Journal about coding bootcamps. I really liked the idea and googled coding bootcamps in my hometown at the time Phoenix, Arizona but there wasn’t any. My options were to go to SF or somewhere else. SF was out of the picture due to high cost of living and the coding bootcamps there required some kind of coding background which I didn’t have at the time. On top of that they were really expensive. Anyway I settled with the one in Utah because it didn’t require any programing background and it was reasonably priced.

When I started at the coding bootcamp the first week nothing made sense to me and by the second week I wanted to quite. However, I told myself that I can do it nothing is easy in life specially learning a new skill and language. I knew that it wont be an easy road; I had to work hard, study everyday and code, code and code. The three months at the coding bootcamp went fast. I was able to built some small projects and contribute to one group project. After, the coding bootcamp I decided that I want to move to Austin, Texas were I never been before but I wanted to follow my hearth and move there. I packed my car and drove to Austin, Texas to start a new journey.

Finding your passion is easy but pursuing your passion is hard. There are challenges and self-doubt to overcome. There were times when I want to quite then I remember that it is not about the dreams but the journey which we take on to pursue our passion.