Started Exploring Mentza (The story telling app)Things in Mentza that piqued my interest

Everything was fresh to me when I initially learned and sought to explore Mentza! I began exploring the settlements that had been established there. Listening to the food, lifestyle, and travel communities astounded me.
I adore the concepts underlying the majority of the stories in which I was involved.
As humans, we all have unique tales to share with one another. The most valued and enjoyable aspect of mentza is speaking, listening, and observing a group of individuals who do not judge your storey.
The majority of the conversations and circles felt secure, smart, and enjoyable to me.

We have always listened to our grandparents' and parents' stories since we were children!
Thus, in the twenty-first century, Mentza has resurrected the thrill of a good story story-telling and re-listening
Bhanaras ke ghat se, Divine Destinations, Meri gully mein, Transformation of mind, and sartorial secrets are some of my favourite Mentza channels!
I would highly advise all of my friends to try Mentza and experience the thrill of storytelling



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Niroopini Muralidharan

Niroopini Muralidharan

intersectional Feminist , Sociologist, passionate Researcher, Believes in Femocracy & Loves to fight Patriarchy !