Wow, lot’s of abbreviations in the title, let’s get things straight first:
• EBS— Elastic Block Storage.
• CDK — Cloud Development Kit.
• ECS — Elastic Container Service.

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I won’t go into long intros, if you’re here you probably know why.
This post will walk you through the required steps to get EBS working, the same way we achieved this at Aspecto.
I’d be using JS CDK snippets.
Notice EBS will only work with EC2 launch type (Fargate won’t support it).

Steps Overview:
• Install rexray/ebs docker plugin using “UserData”. …

How to avoid native node modules (like fs, child_process, etc..) crashing your app while running on the browser (this post is not about UMD!)

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I recently worked on an npm package that is supposed to be consumed on both Node.js environment and the browser (using React/Angular/etc..).

Things started getting complicated when the node branch of the code needed to require native Node.js packages — like fs.

Consider the following (simplified) code:

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This happened even though the node-handler file wasn’t executed, this is due to Webpack nature of creating a bundle containing all the code. …

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I gave a talk during a recent meetup at Soluto HQ — Intro to React Hooks.
While preparing for the presentation, I fell completely in love with Hooks.
Although I was skeptical at first glance, I quickly realized how easy it is to use them and how they make perfect sense.
You can really tell how much thought was put into the API and how it solves real life problems.

You can find a video of my talk attached to this post (Hebrew only… Sorry!).
In my talk I explained why we need Hooks, how they work, went over the core Hooks (useState, useEffect, useRef and useContext) and showed how to convert some of the class features into Hooks. …


Nir Hadassi

Software Developer, Tel-Aviv

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