3 Essentials in long-distance relationships

For those of you considering a long-distance relationship, be aware of what you are signing up to. If done right, I would argue it can be the most rewarding experience of your life. However, a long-distance relationship should not be underestimated… the emotional weight you are carrying when being far away from your loved one is enormous.

I have been thinking a lot about the emotional side of being apart recently. Looking at it objectively, scientifically… what it makes sense for your body to try to tell you. I would argue it feels worse being apart than losing someone close to you. It makes sense looking at it through evolutionary eyes… your loved one is far away… you can still remember his or her love and touch, but for each week that passes those memories become more distant and hidden.

I am fully aware a long-distance relationship is not something anyone can do. And in fact — even want. I would like to share three essentials in long-distance relationships that you need to consider in order to expect a positive outcome: trust, determination and patience.

Trust, because if you cannot trust your partner there are a million reasons why it will not work. In any long-term relationship trust is essential. Even more so it is important to feel comfortable trusting your partner when you are apart for longer periods, because you need to be certain you are both working toward the same future. A shared end-goal in mind is both a need and a source of motivation.

Determination on both sides, because if you do not expect and fully believe the waiting will be all worth it in the end, then why bother? Either way you are both better off over-communicating your needs and desires. If you fully believe that you will have something nicer together than if you had not waited and instead done something else, you are on the right path.

Patience, because you need to keep a good mood while waiting. If you are miserable in the time waiting, you are at risk of being in a bad place once you are finally able to be together for good.

I asked my girlfriend what three things in her opinion and experience are the most important in a long-distance relationship, and she answered: trust, communication, and endgame.

In the beginning, I claimed that if done right, a long-distance relationship can be the most rewarding experience of your life. I intend to share my experience in future posts to hopefully help someone out there to do well with their distance, too. The five words trust, patience, communication, determination and endgame as explained briefly in this story can help you on your way.

This post had somewhat of a serious undertone and that is because I believe being transparent about the whole experience is important if I am to provide any value on the topic. There are challenges with long-distance relationships as with any relationship, but there is a balance to everything —they do also have their strengths.

Have you been or are currently in a long-distance relationship? Do you have a few thoughts on what makes them successful? I would like to hear your story.

Thank you for reading,