My getting-out-of-bed strategy

Toilet, Teeth, Clothes

When I wake up in the morning there are always three things on my mind: food, my girlfriend and my phone. I am more or less always hungry, and a good start of my day is important.

Because of long distance, the order of these three things is still “food, girlfriend and phone”, but “girlfriend” becomes “phone” and the order becomes: “food, phone…”. Sometimes this order is reversed.

Wokandapix on Pixabay

I am very active in social media and after making sure everything is okay overseas, it is only natural to open the YouTube Studio App, and then Twitter, and then my emails, and then Discord, and then back to Twitter, and then Instagram, and then YouTube itself, and then back to Discord, and… my stomach screams for help and my feet begrudgingly follow along as I run my usual 5 minutes downhill to not miss my bus because I am late.

My strategy to resist the fun of grabbing my phone to talk to people in social media right as I wake up has become the following:
Toilet, teeth and clothes.

Before I check anything, but what time it is… I need to check those three boxes. The world may be on fire and a new Pokémon game may be announced, but those three boxes I need to check before looking into any of that. It works.

This strategy allows me to spend 15 minutes on the bus, maybe 30 minutes later, and then another 15 minutes as I go home again to spend the about 1 hour that these things typically need… instead of the 1 hour starting the moment I wake up.

Maybe if you have a similar challenge you may test this out for yourself and see if it has any impact on your day. I would like to hear how you get around this in a comment if that is something you would like to share.