Dil toh bacha hain ji!

The title of this blog is oft quoted in Bollywood movies and songs. So it follows that while our bodies grow over the years and we ‘evolve into adulthood’ (at least in theory), what is it about our childhood that we cling onto like kids clinging to their fav teddy? Why does our heart not want to ‘grow up’?

Having been good-naturedly labelled as ‘kiddish’, ‘maturity challenged’ (politically correct for ‘immature’) etc. by family and friends alike, yours truly may be well suited to root for some of the qualities normally associated with kids and why it’s worth retaining them even after we ‘grow up’:

1) Dream: Can you imagine any great achievement that was not once a dream, however childish it may have seemed initially? For dreams embody hope and goodness, a key to better future, an escape from less-than-perfect reality. Invaluable in today’s time!

2) Innocence: While having a child-like amazement and wonder is an admired quality for li’l men & women; for the not so li’l ones who display similar characteristics risk being called ‘naive’ and ‘wet behind the ears’. In my opinion, it sure beats being ‘worldly wise’, hence, cynical & distrusting in general. Spending time with and learning from kids makes one appreciate its true value.

3) Frolic – Quarrel – Make Up – Repeat: Isn’t it fascinating that kids fight and make up so easily, never holding grudges. Only if our world leaders learnt from them, wouldn’t we be rid from unnecessary wars based on ego and not wanting to forgive even minor transgressions.

4) Befriend unconditionally: Imagine your old school friend calling you after many years. Somewhere thru the call, you have a niggling query on what could be the purpose behind the call. We adults are so used to sniffing out agendas of even people that were once close to us that we don’t realise that it’s actually possible to call someone without having one. Kids are open books and don’t have any hidden agendas, other than having innocent fun.

Though growing up has its perks, hope we never have to outgrow the essence of what once put ‘life’ into our lives. So the next time your better half chides you for behaving like a child, do consider it as a compliment 😉



An accidental banker, right brain thinker, poet, animal lover (cats!) & doting dad. Loves writing on Fairness, Justice & Paradigm shifting experiences.

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Naresh Bulchandani

Naresh Bulchandani

An accidental banker, right brain thinker, poet, animal lover (cats!) & doting dad. Loves writing on Fairness, Justice & Paradigm shifting experiences.

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