Hi Futaba.
Marco Rogers

Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back for being the great guy you obviously think you are. I’m loathe to admit it, but Ayn Rand was right. There are no selfless acts in this world. Even an act of pity and alleged sympathy can be done in an entirely self-aggrandizing fashion (“Google me, bitch!”).

“Golly, you guys…I’m such a swell fella. I wish I could suck my own dick, because I’m just such a gosh-darned super neat guy! I totes deserve it! Look at how much I care about my fellow man on the Internet! Oh yeah, and let me take a moment to make myself feel even bigger and more amazing by putting that big, bad man in his place!”

The world is a giant shit sandwich. The sooner we all learn to hold our nose and take a big bite, the easier it is to swallow it down and ask for more.

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