The majority of therapists in America’s most expensive city are not in network with your insurance


During one of the biggest mental health and unemployment crises in modern history, the average cost of a 9-month course of therapy in New York City is $7,500. Consumers, many of whom already often pay for sessions via credit card, are now more likely to incur debt in order to cover the costs of their mental health care. Nirvana Health is partnering with RIP Medical Debt to help eliminate patient health care debt.

The cost of mental health care is a significant, yet often…

For practitioners among you who have leases expiring in the near future, a question is likely weighing on your minds: should I renew my lease or transition fully to remote sessions?

Humans are great at adapting. What was initially an uncomfortable adjustment for you and your clients might have become the suitable new normal. And while the transition to Telehealth was necessary, the suitability of long-term remote therapy depends on the needs of you and your clients. For instance, some practitioners provide EMDR therapy, in which case in-person services are critical and must be resumed.

While states are just beginning…

The Secretive “Allowed Amount” and Why it Matters

If you’ve ever submitted a health insurance claim for out-of-network care, you have probably come across one of the many dreaded experiences of modern health insurance: not getting back what you thought you would from your insurer.

You’re not alone. This happens all the time and it has to do with something known as the allowed amount. The allowed amount is the amount of your bill your insurer is willing to pay. This amount is usually extremely opaque, and even if you call insurers yourself to ask about it, they may not tell you what it is. …

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Nirvana Health partners with therapists to simplify operations, streamline finances, and ensure happier clients so that you can focus on providing care.

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