A quick maintenance release for the web app to fix an issue on Windows 10 where pressing the windows key was triggering the left nav to run up towards the Inbox.

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You should now be able to windows+tab around (as one often does) and still find Nirvana as you left it when you come back.

Thanks to all who reported this.

Shift+reload your browser (or logout/login) if you are still seeing this bug.

Sneaking these updates in just under the wire — Dark mode comes to iOS and Android, as does a handy new feature: Today’s Calendar Events listing at the top of your Focus list.

oh hai, that’s nifty

And our apps for Mac and Windows are now generally available for all who wish to . ✌🏼

We hope you’re doing OK in these crazy times. It’s been a difficult few months for us all. They say to focus on what you can control—so, we’ve pushed out some new goodness to the app.

lo, what is this? some mouse skillz in the dark?

Keyboard navigation enhancements

  • Select tasks with up / down arrow keys;
  • shift+up / shift+down to select multiple tasks;
  • option+up / option+down to move selected tasks (mac)
  • alt+up / alt+down to move selected tasks (windows)
  • With tasks selected, right arrow to show notes, left arrow to hide notes, enter to edit, then enter to save changes;
  • n key inserts a new task just below…

Read on to see what’s new in this update.

  • Inbox items can now be converted into projects — open the task, tap the ellipsis, and go for it.
  • New Inbox items are fresh and clean, no longer assigning the current tag or area.
  • Beautiful on the iPhone X.
  • Easier upgrading with in-app purchases. Go to your settings in the app, tap upgrade, and choose the yearly or lifetime option. If you prefer to upgrade directly through , you can still do that with .

Several weeks ago we unleashed a beta version for Android. Thanks to your testing, and it’s better than ever.

The beta version fixed a number of things and brought Android in line. The update boasts a sleek new look and feel, more info and options where you need them, and a calendar that’s a breeze to use. You can learn more about that goodness .

Ok, we also broke a couple of things with the beta version, but that’s what betas are for, right? They’re also for getting those kinks gone. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to make things right. You let us know where we had work to do. You guys. You rock! …

Last month, we brought you a beta version. It included lots of nice updates, but it didn’t play well with everyone. This new update will make it easier for more users to enjoy Nirvana.

If you’re already using the beta, you’ll see an this new version in your Google Play updates.

If you’re not using the previous beta, you can download the this version right ! On the page, click the download it on Google Play link. Once you see “Beta” in the app posting, it’s ready for you. Breathe. Have a tea. It may take a few minutes to…

It’s been a busy few weeks. First we released , then . Apple aficionados, it’s your turn. is all about a smoother experience. We’re still boasting a fresh look, 3D touch shortcuts, quick launch speed and date picking, and, thanks to your help, we identified bothersome bugs and got them gone.

Do you like Nirvana? and spread the word! We’re a small company and the words of users like you help a lot.

New to Nirvana? Check out (plus a discount code 😉). You can also . We’re happy to hear from you.

Updates to are now live. If you don’t see them yet, refresh your browser and there you have it. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

Fresher, Cleaner, Sharper
New icons, new colours, new font that looks better on a wider range of screens.

We’ve been hard at work stepping up our Android version! Want to be the first to check it out?

Download the beta version right !

On the page, click the download it on Google Play link. Once you see “Beta” in the app posting, 3.4.0 is ready for you. Hang tight, this can take a little time. Once you get the update, you’ll need to log in using your usual credentials, so make sure you have them on hand. You are now ready to test-drive the beta version. :-)

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

Add scheduled and due dates with ease.
Our open-source

As you saw in our last post, we’ve got guides, but we want to be in THE guide! Help us get there :-)

For some time, the good folks at GTD® have been creating Setup Guides for popular tools. We’d love to be a part of that and we think you’d like that too.

If you want to see a GTD® Setup Guide for Nirvana, let them know. Right on .

Thanks for the 💙!

Team Nirvana

We are the people behind @nirvanahq

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