Keep landline telephones!!!

Keep landline telephones!!!

I was like most people who had not heard about emf’s. Electro magnetic frequencies and the dangers they pose to all living creatures. I was having lunch at Harbin Hotsprings, obviously before the fire that recently destroyed this wonderful place, and I had joined another visitor at his table. We were conversing, when he said excuse me, and asked another visitor sitting at a table 8' away, Do you have a cell phone on? A strange question I thought, because cell phones were not allowed, because of their radiation and also because of cameras, since this is a clothing optional, read nude, resort.

The other visitor reached in his pocket and looked at his cell phone and said, Oops sorry I forgot. I asked my new friend, How in the world did you know he had a cell phone on? He proceeded to explain that he is one of these people who is very sensitive to the radiation produced by cell phones and all wireless devices. He then informed me about his main occupation is about educating about this issue.

I began my own research and quickly cleaned up my environment as best I could having discovered my brain fog and memory issues could be from emf’s. I went back to a land line for my computer connection, got rid of my portable phones, even my clock radio, and soon I felt much better. No more wifi!

I talked to everyone I knew about my discovery, only to find that most everyone are in denial of the radiation dangers of wireless technology. Tons of information is available you ignore at your peril. Especially children! Do not give your child dangerous devices to keep them amused and out of your hair!

I should add, AT&T is attempting to phase out landlines. A word to the wise should be sufficient.