Celebrate The Love That Hurt You.
Demetra Demi Gregorakis

While it is true when you lose something in life you gain something and vice versa (from Emerson’s essay on Compensation) I don’t read that you gained any wisdom about love.

I read you judging her as wrong, as not the right one. This rationalization helps you feel better now that you’re alone. You use this to cover up your hurt, together with a new hope for what you now think you deserve.

Substitute the word love for the word need and truth is served, assuming you can be open to hear about it. So-called love relationships are about fulfilling needs you did not receive from your mother, or father, or anyone else in this crazy world.

Love is not shared until it is yours from your own heart. This takes awakening to who you really are. From this awareness, all others are mirrors for us, no one is right or wrong.


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