Tell me again to get over it

Everyone is in their own world

You are sharing truths, that perhaps you can observe deeper. Everyone is in their own world; the phones make it clearer we are each only occupied with our own lives.

Love, compassionate understanding, empathy, an ability to really hear and respect another person, is basically not happening in this world. And there are rare exceptions.

I realize I am alone. It is true. I like it. It is not at all a problem for me, any more. Once upon a time, it did. I wanted to belong. I felt lonliness. I got over this world, when I discovered and accepted many truths about how I am and how we all are.

I was suicidal when I was 30. I got over it when I could not reconcile killing myself with my belief I knew everything. I began to doubt my mind and all I had believed.

I discovered my depression was a stage I needed to go through, from a closed minded asshole to a seeker of truth. Some of my writing about depression is on Medium and on my web site

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